Self Help Tests

There are a wide number of self help tests available to take. These tests range from personality tests to I.Q. tests to compatibility tests for couples. You can find many of these tests in magazines, books and online.

Why would you want to take a self help test? Tests on self help topics are a good way to learn more about yourself. They also aid you in finding where your strengths are, as well as point out where your weaknesses are. You can then take the new information you've learned about yourself and use it to help you bolster your strong aspects and also find self help methods to help you improve your shortcomings or areas where you need to become stronger. They can also help you find a whole new area of interest that you weren't expecting. This type of information is crucial to anyone who truly wants to be self aware or make changes that will ensure they live the fullest life possible.

For a self help test to have any meaning, though, you must be truthful when you take it. You must answer the questions honestly and not withhold information or give false answers, even if you feel the truth will make you look bad. Because, after all, you can't help yourself at all unless you're honest. Many tests designed so that if you give a false answer on one question, the truth will come out in another. So do yourself a big favor and just be honest to begin with.

The potential for self awareness and self actualization that come from tests for self help topics are innumberable. The bottom line, though, is that you must be honest when taking them. You won't hurt anyone but yourself if you lie, and you'll miss the chance to learn something about yourself that you don't know--and more important, that can help you live the life you truly want to live.

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