Self Help Tapes - Do Subliminal Messages Really Work?

One of the hottest self help items these days are subliminal message tapes. These tapes are available for self help issues ranging from dieting to smoking cessation to self motivation to healing from a traumatic event. Some subliminal tapes even claim they can teach you a new language while you sleep.

But do subliminal tapes for self help issues really work? In some cases, they can. Usually the affect, though, is not due to the subliminal message part, but to the repetition of listening to the message.

A person just cannot hear "Sugar is deadly" so many times before they start thinking twice before popping those donuts into their mouths. Hearing about the dangers of something many, many times will usually produce some positive effects in just about any human being--we are all susceptible to messages about danger.

Still, most professional counselors and mental health providers do not believe that a subliminal self help tape has a lot of merit when it comes to truly changing behavior or making permanent, positive life changes. Because the truth is once the tapes are put away, the message begins to fade--and so do the results.

A better method for self help is to seek the guidance of professional counselors to get to the root of whatever self help issue you may have. Once you've discovered the whys of what you're doing, it is usually a lot easier to make the changes you need to in order to live a better, healthier, happier life.

And if you choose to buy a self help subliminal tape to go along with your counseling, just be careful to buy from licensed professionals and expert coaches so that you can be certain you're getting real help from self help experts and not being scammed out of your hard earned cash.

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