Building Child Self Esteem - It Starts on Day 1

Building child self esteem starts the day an infant is born. An infant that feels loved and secure is likely to grow into a confident child and adult with few self esteem issues.

So what does it take make sure your child gets what he or she needs to develop healthy self esteem? It starts with showing your child that he or she is loved. There is just no substitute for love in a child's early development. The feeling of security and having their needs met will foster the later ability to feel secure and meet their own needs.

As the child grows, it's important to encourage your child to try new things--and to fail. Seeing that they're valued even when they make mistakes is good for their self esteem and makes it possible for children to feel secure and confident to try new things. Every experience is important during the early years as trial and error are necessary parts of growing up.

When a child feels secure in his or her worth and loved, in spite of mistakes they make, they will be more open to new experiences and to letting go of things they didn't do "right" or well, rather than beat themselves up over those things. The more experiences they have with trying and accomplishing new things in a safe environment, the more certainty you'll have in knowing your child is developing the healthy self esteem they will need to build on as they grow older.

For tips on raising a child to have healthy self esteem, it's a good idea read books on child rearing written by professionals such as Dr. Phil. You can also find a great deal of helpful information on building a child's self esteem on many websites and parenting magazines. You cannot read too much! This gives you many tools for instilling healthy child self confidence and self esteem.

But at the end of the day, remember that it's your child and expert advice is a wonderful thing, but you know your child best. So follow your own intuition and you will find exactly the best ways to encourage healthy self confidence and self esteem in your child.

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