Building Self Esteem

Building self esteem is not always the easiest thing in the world to do, but it is very often a great deal easier than most people think. Ideally, our esteem is built while we're young by having parents and other adults who instill in us a belief in ourselves and our worth.

When this doesn't happen, a person's self esteem is likely to be low. That makes the person suffers the pain of low self esteem and feels badly about themselves. The worst part of all is that low self esteem is totally false--every person is worth something and has a unique gift and set of talents that no one else on earth has.

But trying to get people who have low self esteem to believe this is hard. But it's what's necessary for good, healthy self esteem. What we think about ourselves and our accomplishments determine how we act and react. If we expect people to think of us in a negative way, it's almost certain that they will. If we think people will value us, they most likely will. Why? Because we will act in ways that encourage others to hold us in high esteem.

Some ways a person can improve self esteem are to read self help books, watch self help videos, listen to self help tapes and CDs, and seek professional counseling. Improving self esteem starts with changing your mind, and it helps to know what truly makes for good, positive thinking that will increase self esteem. In other words, you have to get the negative thinking out and the positive thinking in.

This takes time and practice. Self esteem isn' built overnight and won't change overnight. With help and patience, though, anyone can improve their self esteem. It takes effort to push away negative thinking and replace it with positive thinking. The rewards are well worth the efforts, though, so get started today!

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