Beating Depression

Beating depression can seem like the most impossible thing in the world when you're the one suffering from it. When you're depressed it seems like everything has gone bad and will never be good again.

Fortunately, there's help for those suffering from depression. And even though you may not believe it, it is possible to beat depression.

To beat depression, you should first figure out if it's just a case of the blues or is something more serious. The blues attack all of us from time to time, but they don't typically stick around for long periods of time. Serious depression, however, seems to last forever. So if you've been feeling down for two weeks or more, you should see a health care provider for help.

Because you don't have to suffer from depression. There are a wide variety of antidepressants that a doctor can prescribe if he or she feels that your depression fits the clinical definition and won't go away on its own. Many people have benefited greatly from taking antidepressants, and there's certainly no reason to feel bad or ashamed about taking them. To beat depression, sometimes medication is the best and most effective method.

Too, most health care providers will usually recommend some pyschotherapy in addition to starting you on an antidepressant. Talking with a counselor can help you get to the root of your depression and help you beat it more quickly than with medication alone. The length of time you may need to spend in therapy will vary according to what's causing your depression and how long you've been depressed. Generally, the longer you've suffered from depression, the harder it is to beat. So see your health care provider as soon as you suspect your depression is not a simple case of the blues. This will help ensure you get the best and most effective treatment possible to beat depression--and not get beaten by it.

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