What is a Calorie?

A calorie is all about energy for your body. Calories are found in most everything that you are going to eat, drink and sometimes even in the items that you put on your body. Calories are absorbed into the body as you eat, and digest these foods. Calories are found in food, and will help your body produce energy that is going to give you the ability to move, breathe, eat and most importantly have fun during your lifetime! If you are not eating you are not putting energy into your body, and you will feel tired unable to do those things in life you need.

A calorie can be considered a good or a bad thing, depending on what stage of your life you are in, and what you are considering doing with your life. If you are overweight, you want to lose weight, so you want to consume fewer calories. If you are already at your weight that you want to be, calories can be controlled and you can keep that weight without worry. Calories are in the foods you eat, and in the liquids that you drink, and counting calories does not have to be difficult at all.

Use an electronic calorie counter or count calories by reading the labels on the foods that you are eating. You can control how much you weigh and how much weight you are going to lose by counting calories and cutting those calories that are not needed in your daily life. For most all people, one is not going to need more than 2000 - 3000 calories. For some, who are do not have metabolisms that are able to keep up with burning the calories that are eaten everyday, one might actually need to have fewer calories in their diet. Adjust your diet to the needs of your body and you will lose weight, and then maintain that weight for a healthy future

Calories are found in the foods that we eat. By adding foods together, you can create foods that have a higher calorie mixture. Sure as, if you were to eat a burger, and then put pickles, ketchup and add cheese to that burger, you may find that you are eating 1000 calories. However, if you were to eat just the meat, you could be eating just 200 calories. Check out how many calories you are eating to stay on a diet that is just right for your particular needs and weight loss.

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