Chewable vitamins

Do you have a picky eater or a toddler who will only eat hotdogs and grilled cheese? Or perhaps you are feeding your child a vegetarian diet and you are concerned that they are not getting enough vitamins in their diet? Whatever the dietary concerns are for your child, there is a chewable vitamin that has been formulated especially for you!

As parents we know that it’s important for our children to get proper nourishment, and we also know that sometimes that is very challenging! That is why chewable vitamins are so important, and should be introduced as soon as possible. Chewable vitamins are great for kids because they come in fun shapes, bright colors, they taste great, and most importantly, they provide even the pickiest eater with the necessary nourishment. Proper nutrition is essential for children because they are experiencing rapid growth both physically and cognitively. If children are lacking in certain nutrients they may experience slow or improper growth, developmental delays, poor eyesight or a whole host of other health or developmental problems. Children do not like to take medicine or vitamins usually, that is where chewable vitamins come in. They are designed to taste great and appeal to children in order to encourage young people to take them and begin a lifetime of healthy habits. Many people worry that a chewable vitamin is not as effective as a regular multivitamin; however there is no need for this concern. A chewable vitamin has all of the nutrient value of a regular vitamin with the addition of a flavor and coloring to make it more palatable. In fact, most vitamins or tablets could be chewed; however they would not taste very good! With children it is all about getting your child to take their vitamin and that is why manufactures have created so many chewable vitamins for children. They come in a variety of shapes, or cartoon characters so you can find your child’s favorite. You can find chewable vitamins in a hard candy form, a gummy bear style or gummy worm style, vitamins that resemble and taste like jelly beans or even vitamins that have chocolate added! There is something to appeal to every child. Every child has different dietary concerns and needs, and you can choose a chewable vitamin to address every bodies particular nutritional needs and requirements. There are vitamins designed for picky eaters, children who do not eat meat, children who need a little extra vitamin C, or calcium and even children who may be at risk for or have attention deficit disorder. The bottom line with chewable vitamins is that they are the best way for children to receive their daily requirements of vitamins and nutrients. Most children do not eat a perfect diet, so it is important to introduce a chewable vitamin early on and make it part of a healthy lifestyle.

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