Alcohol Calorie Counter

Many people will find that alcohol helps them relax after a hard days work, but there is also a side to alcohol that many people forget, and that is the high calories that can be found in alcohol. Alcohol comes in many forms, types and even sizes, such as pints, quarts and pitchers or gallons, but you will also find that alcohol comes in domestic, foreign, and light, dark and so much more. There are sweet alcohols and alcohols that are a little on the bitter side. If you are cutting calories in your diet, and you like to go out for a few beers or a few drinks, you will also want to find out how many calories are involved in what you are drinking.

For example, if your diet says that you should only have 2500 calories a day and you are drinking seven or eight beers on a Saturday night, you are most likely drinking 700 - 1000 calories right there, and this could be if you are drinking light beers. Beers are just like the sodas, and the other types of drinks you consume during your day. Every drink, which includes alcohol, is made with starch and sugars. The starch and sugars that are contained in beers and also in all other types of drinks can be harmful to your diet. If you are on a diet, and you are watching your calories, do not forget about reading the label on your favorite alcohol drink, and see how many calories are in that drink.

Some drinks are going to contain 200 - 500 calories in just one glass. Think about what you are drinking, and what your weight loss goals are. It does not mean that you cannot go out, and have a few drinks of alcohol; all means that you need to change what type of drinks you are having so you are staying within that calorie limit that is going to help you maintain or lose the weight you want to lose.

If you are constantly adding sugar, lime or lemon to the drinks that you have when you are out you might also want to consider using alternatives that are not going to add calories to your drinks. If you are also adding salt to your drinks or you are adding any type of salty snacks to your diet when you are out having a few drinks, you might want to think twice and look at the calories that are in these things. Salt will retain water in your body, and make it harder to meet your weight loss goals.

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